Wow. What a well-composed, thoughtful comment. Thanks for that. I’ve thought often about the dilemma of so much poverty/hunger in the world and how that affects half the world being able to walk the spiritual path as we fortunate people do. The answer I’ve adopted comes straight from one of my favorite people on the planet, Eckhart Tolle. To this, and many related questions, Eckhart says that the best thing one can offer the world is to awaken into consciousness. To do all the work on ourselves you and I both do. The more consciousness one brings into the world, the more conscious the world becomes. And the more conscious the world becomes, the better off humankind becomes. Admittedly, it’s the long-term view. It doesn’t do much for the malnourished child in Mali who suffers constantly. The hope is that when a critical mass of the world becomes conscious, including its leaders, problems like poverty will be resolved. Not in a year, or ten years or fifty years, but probably in the hundreds or even thousands of years it may take for humanity to wake up. Our job is to facilitate that awakening, first in ourselves, and then to the best of our ability those around us.

Meditation and Mindfulness teacher. Dad of three precious kids. Former writer for THE WEST WING. Follow me at

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